Glenn Johnston
Mon @ 9 p.m.
Art Talk
Deanna Isa
Between the Beats
Bennett Berman and Kuldeep Solanki
Beyond the Soundcloud
John Cotter
Wed @ noon
Box Office Brief
Garret Neal
British Invasion 2.0
Elaine Omori
B-Sides the Hits
Brooke Jenkins and Rachel Duval
California Dreamin'
Damian Radulovic and Will Conover
Counting Down with Uncle Pete & Papa Trey
Peter Groton
Covering the Bases
Erin Hogan
David Edward Sims In Conversation
David Edward Sims
Tue @ 10 a.m.
DePaul Tells All
Mattie Draftz
Tue @ 6 p.m.
Joshua Kaufman
Digger Bicks
Joe D'Amico
Mon @ 4 p.m.
Dylan's Discourse
Dylan Cohen
Wed @ 4 p.m.
Ex-Emo Plays
Halle Wagner
Mon @ 6 p.m.
Fluff on the Needle
Cooper McCary
Fresh Eyes
Hooria Billah and Rifqa Falaneh
Funked Up Jazz
Devon Murray
Gab Lab
Gia Zampardo, Kate Harrington, Katie Adams and Zoe Knight
Wed @ 8 p.m.
Global Talks & Tunes
Adriana Talavera and Damita M. Menezes
Good Vibes
Hami Arain
Great Morning Vibes
Tanner Diers
HAL 2018
Happy Accidents
Anna Roth
Happy Hour
Amy Do, Dylan Cohen and Jonathan Oppenheimer
Hip-Hop and Soul for the Culture
Eemanna Rivers
Hot Wax
Nina Knuti
Mon @ 10 a.m.
How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying
Doug Klain
Danny Tarwater and Gavin Schultz
In the Mix
DJ Such & So and Zach Taylor
It's Out There!
Anna Wolf
Journals Through Music
Chandler Mihalik
Tue @ 7 p.m.
Keen Marie Square Biz Hour
Keena Hutchinson
Thu @ 9 p.m.
Know the Score
Garret Neal
Late Night Laundry
Christopher Silber
Leaning Right
Liam Owen
Bailey Oliver, Kevin Olander and Liam Owen
Life is But a Meme
Alex Bednar
Locals Only
Nikki Roberts
Mon @ 5 p.m.
Mistake and Eggs Podcast
Joe D'Amico
Moody Mondays
Libby Springer
Michael Edicola and Phoebe Nerem
Adam Babin and John Cotter
Wed @ 11 a.m.
Nebulous Radio
Courtney Barber
News Night
Erica Carbajal and Karolina Bacewicz
On Shuffle
Emily Roney
On the Vine
Katelin Foley
Open Borders with Angelina
Angelina Korniyenko
Abbas Dahodwala and Deanna Isa
Pocket News at 5
Pocket News at Noon
Raisin Brahms: A Healthy Serving of Classical Music
Jacalyn Gisvold
Random Ramblings
Quentrell Rogers
Tue @ 8 p.m.
Record Reviews
Andrew Ochwat and Mikayla Price
Relaxin' with Jack
Jack Macklin
Reno on the Radio
Jacob Reno
Tue @ 11 a.m.
Sam's Jams
Samantha Weiss
Mon @ 3 p.m.
Scott's Broadcasting Class
Scott Vyverman
Gia Zampardo, Kate Harrington, Katie Adams and Zoe Knight
Nathaly Shammo
Sounds of Cinema
Kate Meulemans and Sydney Snell
Sound Strip
Isabella Brock
Stereo Boombox
Abby Morningstar
Strawberry Jamz
Brad Brewington and Margo Flynn
Wed @ 10 a.m.
Summer Lab
Amy Do
Wed @ 6 p.m.
Talk of the Town
Becky Lehner, McKay Murphy and Zachary Benak
The 5th Element
Adan Figueroa, Alejandro Hernandez, Anthony Okocha and Jasmine Rush
The 808
Connor McCarson
The Basement
Marty O'Connell
Mon @ 7 p.m.
The Bird's Nest
Ryan Hebert
The Broadway Broadcast
Dylan Cohen and Madison Zaccardelli
The Buffalo Bro 1/2 Hour
Brother Mark Elder , Jessica Freeman and Juliana Provvidenza
The DePaul Half Hour
The Empower Hour!
Lucy Grundhauser and Will Conover
The Get Down
Brady Halverson and Sam Jenks
The Good, The Goodest, and the Goodestest
Bobby Halvorson and Jayme Coveliers
Wed @ 7 p.m.
The Main Stage
Liesl Takeuchi
The Mash with DJ Affinity
Zara Siddiqui
The Monday Mixtape
Charlie Carey
The Next Ones Up
Tassos Kirkos
The Nina Olshever Show
Nina Olshever
The Opening Act
Ty Yamamoto
The Original People
Anthony Okocha and Jaylyn Jimenez
The Radio DePaul Podcast
Joe D'Amico and Sam Breedlove
The Review
Ryan Shaw and Zoey Barnes
The Rewind
Emily Eller
The Spark
Jacob Ocker and Vincent Prochoroff
The Super Gloomy Honey Show
Taylor Fullerlove
The Talk of Twitter
Alex Bednar
Tue @ 12:30 p.m.
The Tepid Peppermint Experiment
Elise Gerskovich
The Vibe with Emily Cosgrove
Emily Cosgrove
The Wonder of You
Liam Owen
Tue @ 2 p.m.
Throwback Thursday
Emily Lindsey
Tune Talk
James Novack and Neely Battle
Tue @ 5 p.m.
Alexandria McNunn and Glenn Johnston
Underground Underdogs
Jack Angell and Rudolf Rohner
Under The L
Adrian Acciardo and Marty O'Connell
Up Next
Emily Roney
Vintage Bars
Adrian Acciardo
Wanderlust Radio
Anabel Kane and Natalie Reehl
Weekly Movie Rewind
Garret Neal
What If...
Kevin Olander
What We Did Last Night
Brett Vander Wielen
Who, What, Where
Ariana Kraft and Shaye Zipparro
Wild Wunz Radio
Dashawn Simpson and Jamaal James
Caroline Stasica and Veronica Liszewski
Word of the Day!
Emma Day
Your Mom's Mixtape
Delaney Spangler and Mariana Lawrence