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John Cotter

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John Cotter

Communications and Media, Minor in Media/Cinema Studies and Marketing
Beyond The Soundcloud
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I am a Junior at DePaul University currently studying Communications and Media as my major, with my minors being both Media/Cinema Studies as well as Marketing. I am a co-host of the "Movies" show which won "Best Talk Show" at the 2018 Radio DePaul Awards Ceremony. I was a Pocket News writer and reporter during the 2017-2018 school year in which I specialized in Entertainment News and won "Best Entertainment Update" at the 2018 Radio DePaul Awards Ceremony for my work on Pocket News. I also am an interviewer, specifically focusing on directors and screenwriters who go on press tours to promote their films. Some of the high-profile filmmakers that I have interviewed are Bo Burnham (Eighth Grade), Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air), Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Blindspotting), and more. I then take these recorded interviews and create audio packages from them to make the interview as informative and consumable as possible. Most importantly, I am a co-host and co-producer of The Radio DePaul Podcast this year, with bi-weekly episodes starting on September 17th where I will use my journalistic skills and proficiency in the editing room to create some great journalistic entertainment that all students at DePaul University can enjoy.


It is so difficult to think about influences in my radio career, because stating that my Mom is my main influence sounds cheesy, but it is ultimately true. Some other people that keep me inspired and grinding at the radio station who just can't do it as great as my Mom does are Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, Kanye West, Spike Jonze, Edgar Wright, and Derrick Rose.

Favorite Artists

I try to listen to a wide variety of music to encompass what makes all genres of music unique and interesting, with this hopefully showing in my list of some of my favorite artists. Some of my favorite artists are Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Playboi Carti, Death Grips, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Hans Zimmer, Travis Scott, The Smiths, Joy Division, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, The Smashing Pumpkins, and so many more. I hope that this prolonged sentence gave you a decent look into my taste in music.