Dominique Tolbert

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In this show, gossip is not a stranger. Anything is up for discussion, and no one is safe when it comes to hot topics in the media. Also, nerds make the world go round, with that being expressed, anything that is in the world of (videogames, cosplay, and comics, etc.) are all up for discussion.

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Dominique Tolbert

Digital Cinema/Communications


My name is Dominique Tolbert, but I would rather be called Domo. In my past years, I have been known as the funny girl, or as most professors would joyfully say (the class clown). With a strong enjoyement in Cinema/television projection, I also enjoy running my mouth and getting to know people. I enjoy watching shows like (the breakfast club, and I stay up to date in celebrity gossip). That is one of my best guilty pleasures. I also, partake in art projects, poetry events, and helping my peers with their passionate projects in Cinema.