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Dylan's Discourse

Dylan Cohen

Genre(s): Music/Talk Mix

I'm Dylan Cohen, a third-year Theatre Arts/Journalism major, and I bump into interesting people all of the time. This show provides a platform for those artists whose passions and work deserve a wider audience of my immediate family and whomever else happens to be listening. Join me Friday mornings to learn more about Chicago-based creatives that have agreed to be trapped in a room with me for an hour. Logo created by the fabulous Taylor Fullerlove (@zfullerlove).

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Dylan Cohen

Theatre Arts and Journalism
Dylan'S Discourse


Hi, I'm Dylan! The only thing that I'm doing for sure is my best. Everything else is TBD. Catch me talking about theatre on Dylan's Discourse, learning about theatre in class, or doing homework about theatre at various coffee shops. If you want to hear me beyond the airwaves (despite RDP being online), I also do a lot of performing with Date Night (@datenight_improv) and am an absolute Twitter fiend @absolutelydylan.