Fun With Freud

Nathaly Shammo

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A blend of alternative rock music and science crash courses, Fun With Freud will be the fun and thought provoking show you've been looking for. Get awesome new tunes to share with your friends while also learning some of psychology's craziest theories, concepts, and cases!

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Nathaly Shammo

Fun With Freud


Born in Syria, raised in America. I've always used creative outlets such as writing and art-ing to express myself. I grew up in a family of mostly boys which was fun and slightly terrifying, but at least I could make them all laugh. I've always tend to accidentally psychoanalyze people and I've done it from a young age, so I've always known what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.


Beyonce is my queen because of her strong individuality and her empowering message. I can always count on her. I would go into the list of bands that have influenced me but at the risk of sounding like a melodramatic 7th grader, I'll skip over that. Also, my mom and sister have not only guided me into making the right decisions but also encouraged me to explore all sorts of things. They are the reason why I tried out the radio and I'm so thankful for that.