Hip-Hop and Soul for the Culture

Eemanna Rivers

Genre(s): Global Issues, Politics, Pop Culture, Rap and Spoken Word

Hip-Hop and Soul for the Culture is a show focused on music that sheds light on social issues as well as culturally relevant topics. There would be a dialogue about social issues pertaining to race, hip-hop itself, gender, U.S imperialism, capitalism, oppression etc. and solutions to these issues. The show will eventually feature artists of all kinds and give them a platform and interview. The music played features local artists and artists from around the world who use hip-hop and neo-soul as tools to express themselves and how they see the world. The music genre and topic covered would vary by genre from show to show based on what is relevant for that given time.

Staff Image Radio DePaul

Eemanna Rivers

Hip-Hop And Soul For The Culture