Lower Frequencies

Megan Pietz

Genre(s): Campus/Community Talk, Comedy, Defies Classification and Entertainment Reviews

An indie and alternative-dominated set that will include both older and newer artists with a local/unsigned feature each week. Get excited to hear some of your favorites within a playlist of new tunes. “Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, I speak for you?” ― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

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Megan Pietz

Secondary Education and English/American Studies
Lower Frequencies


Crazy Floyd from As Told By Ginger haunts my dreams. If I'm not ingesting pasta, I'm probably trying to read a classic American novel while I spend too much time complaining about the absence of my cat. I like to explore the city with my friends and discuss solutions to our deteriorating public education system. On most days, you can either find me in the UCWBL talking about writing or on my couch with ginger ale and some twizzlers.


The Andersons (Sherwood and Wes), J.D. Salinger, my grandma's farm, and carbohydrated-induced food comas.

Favorite Artists

Wilco, Modest Mouse, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Vampire Weekend, Bad Books, Sufjan Stevens, The Strokes.