Mah's Midday Madness

Michael Mah

Genre(s): Comedy and Defies Classification

II'll play Rock and Alternative music that comes straight from my ipod possibly include full albums, requests or music that comes from my laptop.

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Michael Mah

Mah'S Midday Madness


I was born on 10/07/1994 in Chicago Illinois. I went to private school from preschool-eighth grade and I had a graduating class size of 21. My seventh grade teacher, though is the main reason why I have considered radio because she told me that I have a radio voice. And from then on, that's what I've wanted to become, a radio show host. So, Freshman year on High School, I applied to become a radio show host and I got in. Sophomore, Junior and Seniore year I got in.


My personal influences would definitely be my seventh grade teacher and my parents who have gave me undying support to take part in the radio station.