Power to the Women

Frances Kane

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This show will feature women-run/led groups with empowering lyrics to pump up or inspire confidence. We want to make it friendly for women of color/trans* and queer women, also- meaning not just white riot grrrl bands.

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Frances Kane

Power To The Women


I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota, but I split my time half and half with the other city of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis. I'm always out doing something (I try to find new things to do), or I'm at home listening to music. I love ultimate frisbee and I could play it all day, I had a really great team in high school and want to seek out the same here at DePaul. I also love music, I play piano, and want to hopefully learn electric bass. I'm always looking for new things to listen to, and I'm constantly going to shows. The best shows I've been to range from Andrew Jackson Jihad to Sleater-Kinney. Sometimes I go to shows just because I like the poster art, just to try something new. I'm very excited for the Chicago music scene.


Anything from my favorite films to the visuals at concerts I've been to. I've been to a show where the girls on stage through out White Castle burgers and tampons (Grrl Prty) and others that were really emotional in the background visuals with nostalgic images of childhood (Sufjan Stevens). I love dark comedy movies so the director Todd Solondz is a favorite of mine. Music-wise I'm inspired by everything I listen to, I can't narrow it down.