Jonny Griffiths

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Playing the bands you love, before you know you love them. Premonitions plays music that feels good and sounds even better.

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Jonny Griffiths

Digital Cinema and Advertising & PR


My name is Jonny Griffiths, I am a 17 year old incoming Freshman from Lake Oswego, Oregon, a small suburb of Portland. I love music, I'm always listening to music or playing music. I'm in a band out here playing guitar, keyboard,synth, pads, and vocals, although I'm hoping to start a new band out in Chicago.


I personally listen to a lot of different kinds of music but for the most part I listen to a lot of "indie" music, but mostly synthpop, chillwave, dreampop, and psychedlic. But I feel like on a whole I am influenced by upbeat music. I like the way that music can instantly brighten even the worst of days, its always been there for me and always will be.