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Quentrell Rogers

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For years, throughout films and television, well pretty much Hollywood in general, the portrayal of the socially awkward has been...Lacking. They only tell the stories of the awkward sidekicks or the awkward guy who desires a girl that is so far out of his league. In all of these stories the awkward sidekick remains awkward for the sake of comedy and the awkward guy gets the girl. Did I mention a mass majority of these guys were white? Well they are. Completely neglecting the awkward black or brown guy. That's where I come *cue music*. Being awkward is not nearly as simple as these archetypes make it seem, and there is no one degree of awkwardness. Here on Random Ramblings listeners receive a real world perspective on what it's like to exist as an awkward black guy, focusing heavily on the awkward. Every show will focus on a different topic, sometimes two topics, and how they effect someone like me. We'll examine the humors of awkwardness as well as the struggles and serve as a safe haven for all things awkward.

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Quentrell Rogers

Random Ramblings


I am simply a creative trying to make a difference and push for social change through stories and characters the world can level with and relate to. "My job is not to change the way you think, my job is done once you question the way you think and recognize there is a second way to see things." I think I said that myself, I don't know why I put quotation marks. Something biographic about me, I became interested in radio in 8th grade because I had a deep voice and people thought it was fit for radio. I got into film because of Power Rangers and got into acting because of Steven Q. Urkel. I also want to model, got into that because I'm tall and I like clothes. If you ever read this far and decide to call into the show tell me an irrational fear of yours.


Steven Q. Urkel, Ryan Coogler, Trevor Jackson, Issa Rae, Steven Q. Urkel, The Breakfast Club, The Wood, Rick Famuyiwa, Michael B. Jordan

Favorite Artists

Trevor Jackson, Michael Jackson, Audio Push, Panic! At the Disco, Rascal Flatts, Ed Sheeran, Adele, MiC Lowry, Migos, The Cast of the Hamilton Musical, Fallout Boy, Joyner Lucas, Phora, K'Ron, Bryson Tiller, Thomas Rhett, Sammie, Eric Bellinger