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Donyae Lewis

Genre(s): LGTBQ Issues

This show began as The DePaul Authors' Series in 2009. The scope of the show has been expanded recently to include writers of all kinds and DePaul students. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, contact

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Donyae Lewis

The Depaul Writers' Series
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My name is Donyae Asante Lewis, but I'm known to many as Yae. I grew up in Chicago, and now currently reside in the south suburbs. I'm an African American aspiring journalist, who also has dreams of one day becoming a singer and actor. My goal in life is to inspire through my words, writings, and the art I create. I've persevered through a lot of hardships in my life, from losing my vision in one of my eyes because I have Glaucoma, to dealing with bullying and isolation because of my sexuality. I want today's youth to know that it's okay to be bold, brave, and yourself, and through faith and courage you can make your dreams a reality.


My parents Martin Luther King Jr Malcolm X President Barack Obama Langston Hughes Helen Keller Stevie Wonder Ray Charles Frank Ocean Sam Smith Ellen Degeneres Keke Palmer