The Vibe with Emily Cosgrove

Emily Cosgrove

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Emily Cosgrove

Major: Journalism / Minor: Music Business
Goodbye Groovy Tuesday
The Vibe With Emily Cosgrove


Hello! My name is Emily Cosgrove! I have wanted to join Radio DePaul ever since I first heard about it, and I felt that now is the perfect time to apply! I am a Journalism major with a minor in Music Business, so I feel that hosting a music-based radio show here at DePaul would really help me combine and pursue my two passions perfectly. I am also on executive board for DePaul Music Business Organization, and work on their blog as a contributing writer. I have a big, bubbly personality, so I think I would be a great fit for hosting a radio show. I have a strong passion for music, regularly attend shows, and keep up with the music scene, so I would really love to have a show where I can share my passion with everyone else! The goal is to make my show interactive by having listeners submit playlists that I will play on air every week, so I feel it will help students feel involved. I want this show to be representative of DePaul as a whole by exposing students to many genres and styles of music.