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Donyae Lewis

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Donyae Lewis

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The Writer'S Series


My name is Donyae Asante Lewis, but I'm known to many as Yae. I grew up in Chicago, and now currently reside in the south suburbs. I'm an African American aspiring journalist, who also has dreams of one day becoming a singer and actor. My goal in life is to inspire through my words, writings, and the art I create. I've persevered through a lot of hardships in my life, from losing my vision in one of my eyes because I have Glaucoma, to dealing with bullying and isolation because of my sexuality. I want today's youth to know that it's okay to be bold, brave, and yourself, and through faith and courage you can make your dreams a reality.


My parents Martin Luther King Jr Malcolm X President Barack Obama Langston Hughes Helen Keller Stevie Wonder Ray Charles Frank Ocean Sam Smith Ellen Degeneres Keke Palmer