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Word of the Day! is an eclectic blend of fruity undertones with an oaky finish. Word of the Day! is a cross between a talk and a music show. Each day of my show, I will look up the word of the day on Urban Dictionary (unless it’s inappropriate, then I’ll choose a random word or use the word of the day from dictionary.com) and play songs that have any relation to the word of the day! This means any type of music could be played, any genre of music from any era!

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Emma Day

Major: Media and Cinema Studies, Minor: Spanish
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Hi! My name is Jennifer Lawrence, I'm totally relatable and normal, and I put my pants on just like you; at a full sprint to a somersault and landing on one foot to put them on one leg at a time. Just Kidding. I wish. My name is Emma and I'm a sophomore, this is actually my first quarter at DePaul because I'm a transfer student! I'm twenty years old but have the mental maturity of, I'm going to say, a 12-year-old! To make a long story short, my life goals and aspirations are to make people laugh. I am a student at the Second City Training Center downtown, I'm a member of one of Depaul's Improv and Sketch Comedy teams, and I'm starting to dip my toes into the absolutely terrifying and exhilarating world of stand-up. I am no stranger to putting myself out there and making a fool of myself. My sister just had a baby, so be careful if you ask me about my family because I will thrust 1,000 adorable pictures of a squishy baby into your face. I'm also extremely hypocritical because I don't really have patience for idiots even though I 100% am one. But on a more serious note (even though I have been completely serious the whole time), I am a highly motivated individual. Everything I do, I want to do it to the best of my abilities. So yep! That's me (that's so raven)! Let me know If you all have any questions for me!